Watch Me Play

The Sport and Movement Programme for your 3 Year Old

A Programme for Three Year Old Children

The WATCH ME PLAY programme at Playball recognises and develops the growing skill set of your 3 and 4 year old child.

Our focus here is on participation within a group, and teaching children in a friendly, caring and supportive environment through carefully structured lessons.


Programme Emphasis

Skill Development

Every child achieves a measure of competence of the various manipulation skills required when playing the popular sports.


The development of a child's enjoyment of sport by achieving a measure of competence in basic manipulation skills is prioritised.


Social integration with other children and participating in a group environment is actively encouraged throughout the programme.


The lessons are a combination of learning and fun. The fun objective is to create an association between joy and competent sport participation.


As this is often one of your child's first formal group experiences, learning will involve improving concentration and listening skills.


Children living in this age need to be encouraged to move. This programme introduces them to active play through movement.


In this programme your child is introduced to the values that relate to boundaries, listening to instructions and working within the constraints of a group.

Sharing and waiting for their turn, are just some of the many very important life values that are introduced.

What Your Child Will Achieve

One of the goals of this programme is to introduce your child to a sport skill in a “sports class”. Obviously age-appropriate. We develop their visual skills (seeing what to do) and auditory skills (hearing what to do) and gross motor skills (doing what needs to be done).

In this programme we develop your child’s basic manipulation, locomotion and stability skills for sport. We introduce the concept of dealing with a desired outcome.

Hear from a Parent

"I love Playball because it is structured, it’s friendly, it’s inviting and my three children really enjoy it because they learn different skills every lesson."

Hear from a Parent

"Watch Me Play has been brilliant for my three year old. He’s catching and throwing a ball extremely well, all skills learned because of Playball."