I Can Do

The Sport and Movement Programme for your 2 Year Old

A Programme for Two Year Old Children

I Can Do is Playball's introductory programme for 2 and 3 year olds. It focuses on laying the basic foundations of movement, in order to enable your child to accomplish more challenging sport related skills, as they get older.

A 2 year old is still discovering the wonderful things that bodies can do, and needs lots of practice in basic skills through fun but structured sessions.


Programme Emphasis


We focus on 'discovering and doing'. Executing skills in a technically correct way is not our key focus.

Positive Experience

Ensuring the child's first experience of movement is positive and exciting will get them off to a good start.


We deliver an active and exciting start to structured fun, but formalised, lessons.


Enrichment of a wide range of movement experiences is our goal for the young child.


We focus on core strength, balance, stretching, spatial awareness and object manipulation.

Toddler Specific

Sports activities are specifically developed for toddlers by coaching and educational specialists.

Building Blocks

A two year old is still discovering the wonderful things that their body can do. Building blocks including locomotion and stability skills, all of which are age-appropriate, are included in every class.

A selection of manipulation skills is also taught to introduce the young child to sport. These skills lay the foundation for the next phase in their journey towards confident sport participation.


What Your Child Will Achieve

Through lots of exploration and discovery, we work in a creative way to encourage your child to begin their journey of sport participation! I CAN DO will help your child reach essential physical milestones. The emphasis is on participation rather than competence, and ensuring that your child’s first experience of sport and Playball is positive and exciting.

Hear from a Coach

"I love being a Playball coach. I can honestly say that no lesson is the same. This is due to the leading foundation phase curriculum."

Hear from a Parent

"The 'I Can Do' programme has been fantastic for all three of my children. It has been a great introduction to sport, they have loved it!"