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Playball gives your child the fun-filled and exciting birthday of a lifetime!

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Happy Birthday!

Playball gives your child the birthday of a lifetime!

Playball parties are offered as an additional service through most of our franchises. These are tailored for your child’s fantasies: whether they wish to fly like a superhero, enter the enchanting world of Disney characters or have the most awesome sport themed birthday; we will present games and adventures that will make your party a roaring success.

It's Party Time!

In Safe Hands

Our Playball parties are always a hit with parents. Why? Because our Playball coaches take the reins, handle all the games and activities, while you and your guests sit back and watch your party peeps have a blast!

Playball with a Fun Twist

We take all of our most exciting and entertaining Playball skills and drills, and create activities and games according to a theme that will give your child the birthday of their wildest dreams.


The Playball you Know and Trust

We use our same top coaches, as well as all the Playball equipment and more. The parties cater for a mixture of ages from 3-9, are gender agnostic, and provide your children with an amazing period of activity and social interaction, with a high emphasis on having fun!


What Makes our Parties Special?

Playball has been delivering the most exciting children’s birthday parties for over 20 years, and because of this we have a large variety of unbelievable games and adventures to offer.

Our special Playball party formula, which has been proven for years, ensures that everyone has a fantastic experience on your child's big day!

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