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About Us

An international sports and movement programme coaching children around the world

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Why Playball

Children thrive in our fun-filled, high quality sport lessons. Creating a learning environment, which boosts confidence and self-esteem, is paramount.

Your child will be coached to engage confidently in a wide range of sport skills preparing them for years of positive and competent sports participation.

Always Active

Children are always actively involved and genuinely love everything about our lessons.

Small Classes

Our action-packed lessons are limited to very small numbers to ensure maximum learning.

Personalised Coaching

Our coaches are foundation phase experts who will have a positive effect on your child's life.

All Abilities

All our programmes cater for boys and girls of all abilities and for specific age groups.

Age Appropriate

All of our programmes are age specific, offering each age group a completely different sporting experience.

Still Improving

The success of Playball is the result of over 30 years of research, development and teaching children.

Pressure Free

We provide your child with a solid platform for confident sport participation.

Healthy Fun

All of our Playball classes are presented in a fun, structured and active way to engage children.


Internationally Proven

Playball has proven itself in many countries over the past 30 years and is recognised as a unique and invaluable sports coaching programme, with hundreds of thousands of children benefitting from a foundation in sport.

The Best Coaches


Our coaches are hand-picked and are selected for their sports aptitude and ability to work with children in Foundation Phase.

Holistic Approach

Playball coaches follow a holistic approach that offers learning opportunities and experiences relating to the cognitive, physical, social and emotional development of your child.

Ongoing Training

Our coaches are all trained in Playball Foundation Phase Sports Coaching techniques, and undergo upgraded training a minimum of twice a year.

Safe and Secure

They facilitate a wide range of suitable movement skills and physical activities in a safe and secure environment - perfect for optimal learning!

The Leading Foundation Phase Programme

All Playball programmes are developed and maintained by leading foundation phase experts, in order to bring you the most current and appropriate sports programme for your child.

Leading Foundation

The Curriculum and Coaching Systems

Every lesson in every programme follow a curriculum.

In any lesson, a parent can ask the Playball Coach to produce the Playball Coaching Card (our Coaching System) for that specific lesson and to see where it fits into the overall year plan (the Curriculum).

Competence in Sport

Our emphasis is an age-appropriate measure of competence in all skills forming the foundation of a sport.


Playball coaches follow a holistic approach and offer learning opportunities and experiences in a fun-filled environment.


Confidence to participate in sport, and overcoming fears that discourage sports participation, are part of our main goal.

Social Integration

We focus on building self-esteem and boosting confidence, which teaches respect and guides appropriate social behaviour.

Playball Report

These reports are of the highest standard and will afford you the opportunity to follow the progress of your child.

Informal assessment occurs continuously during every lesson as the coach is always tracking and evaluating the individual progress of every class member.

Formal assessment occurs at least twice a year.

More about Playball

"Playball is the premier sports education programme for foundation phase and has been developed by foundation phase experts."

Hear from a Child

"I can do a kick on my head. I play the ball and I try to bounce it on my head and my head bounces it into the sky. "

Why Sport

Research has proven that children between the ages of two and eight (known as foundation phase) who develop the key movement skills and experience the joy of competitive sports, will participate in physical activity and enjoy the many benefits that an active lifestyle provides for the rest of their lives!

Learning and Fun!

Our Goal

To teach sport to children in foundation phase, so that if they attend any of our five programmes specialising in Foundation Phase they will achieve a level of competence providing them with a springboard into a life long commitment to be active, healthy and happy!

Our Commitment

Your child will be introduced, guided and coached in basic movement and sport skills; which will lay the foundation for successful future sport participation.

Our Mission

It is our mission to ensure that all children that we teach develop the confidence and competence necessary to move, play and be active for the rest of their lives.

What age should a child start sport?

It is important to understand that children should progress from an informal introduction to basic ball skills and basic motor skills, to more structured and specialised sport participation.

Before a child can master skills like dribbling a soccer ball, they have to develop balance and foot-eye co-ordination. The younger your child starts to develop these skills the more likely they are to excel.

Sport Participation
is Vital in Foundation Phase

The benefits of sport participation for children in foundation phase are endless and most importantly, essential.

Gross Motor

Our initial focus is developing gross motor skills and then progressing to fine motor skills.

Body and Spatial Awareness

Body and spatial awareness is taught to help children excel in sport, but also in other aspects of life in general.

Bilateral Integration

Bilateral Integration means your child will use the left and right side of their body equally well.

What Does Sport Participation Facilitate?

Competent sports participation promotes school readiness skills, ensuring that children develop a sound base on which to build academic competence.

Hear from Us

"The children will be coached to engage confidently in a wide range of sport skills, preparing them for years of positive, competent sport participation."

Hear from a Parent

"Prior to Playball my son was not talking at all. Within a month of starting Playball he started talking and now has the vocabulary of a three year old."

The Playball Programmes

We offer six different Playball programmes lasting one year each. These are age-specific according to the cognitive, emotional / social and motor development milestones of each age group.

In each programme your child's developmental, emotional and physical needs are met. Each programme has as one of its primary objectives to teach sport and movement, and to teach it properly.

The Aim of our Programmes

Fun & Exciting

The lessons include an impressive fun component that ensures your child is never bored.


Each programme caters for one age group and covers an extensive range of sport skills.


Each programme is constantly reviewed to ensure that your child develops at the right pace.


Our programmes progress from honing simple movement abilities, to introducing fundamental skills.

Take a Look at Our Individual Age Group Programmes

More about Playball

"Our Playball programme is scientifically sound and age-specific. One of our major objectives is to give children competency in the basic movement and sport skills. "

Hear from an Expert

"Playball has an immense influence on a child’s development. In my experience, if you want to give your child a successful future, let it start with Playball."

Why Choose Playball?

School Head Teachers all over the world have implemented the Playball programme as part of their school curriculum. They have seen the benefits that Playball has given their children and the value Playball has added to their school.

Playball classes are currently being offered as part of the prescribed and approved curriculum in schools in more than 16 countries around the world.

The Aim of Our Programmes

Specific School Requirements

We recognise that each school has unique requirements. Playball offers a range of flexible lesson plans and pricing packages. Playball will work with your school to assess your specific requirements, and will design a tailored package to meet both your school's needs and budget.

Playball Coaches

Playball provides professional sport instruction, taught by specialist coaches to complement your school's regular curriculum.

Playball Report and Assesment

Playball coaches are proud to comply with Professional Standards of teaching. Assessment is an important component of teaching and our coaches are trained rigorously in this aspect.

Informal assessment occurs continuously during every lesson as the coach is always tracking and evaluating the individual progress of every class member.

Formal assessment occurs at least twice a year. A selection of skills is evaluated in order to give parents and teachers an overview of overall progress. Feedback about personal development is also provided.

The Playball Curriculum

Designed for You

The Playball Curriculum is designed to complement an existing school's gross motor and sports programme.

Structured Lesson Plans

Playball has developed lesson plans in consultation with leading child and education specialists.

For Every Child!

Playball provides all of the children in your school with a springboard into future team participation.

For the Long-Term

The Playball programmes follows the guidelines of the long-term athlete development framework.

Playball is More than Just Sport

Through our carefully researched programmes. Playball will help children at your school in 3 key areas:

In the Classroom

A child who has not developed sufficient trunk control through lack of movement will find academic tasks like reading and writing challenging. Poor postural control will result in poor academic performance in a classroom environment.

On the Sports Field

When a child starts participating in school sport, the focus generally shifts from a skill outcome to a result outcome e.g. does the child field the ball properly and throw it to the correct base to get the batter out. At Playball, our coaches are concerned about the development of the skill.

On the Playground

One of the main goals of Playball is to give your child the necessary skills to INTEGRATE and ENGAGE with other children on a social level. Aspects like confidence, sharing and developing their “self-concept” (defined by Parkus and Nirius as our sense of self) are encouraged. These life skills come to the fore in a playground environment.

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