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Welcome to our Franchise

We run Playball classes, holiday camps and birthday parties in the Lake Zürich and Zug areas.
Kids Sport and Movement from 2 to 9 years old.

Playball Kids sports and coaching programmes are about preparing your child for life, with our comprehensive movement and sport skills based programme for 2-9yrs old, which is internationally recognised in 13 countries across the globe.

Our kids sports programme is comprehensive with your child actively participating in up to 210 different skills.

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077 446 37 82

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Our Coaches

  Nadine McGaw
playball@hispeed.ch // Mobile: 077 446 37 82
Nadine started as a coach in Playball in 1993 in Pretoria, South Africa and shortly after that became at partner. The franchise soon added Playgolf and Swimrite to their portfolio. Nadine and her family have been in Switzerland for eleven years and she now runs classes along lake Zürich and in Cantons Schwyz and Zug. Nadine loves working with children and her energy and enthusiasm in Playball is contagious!

  Playball Team // Phone: 077 446 37 82
  Christin Taarland // Phone: 0774463782 // Mobile: 0774463782
  Roger Bosshard
  Erika Tyihak // Mobile: 0774463782
  Emese Mozes-Racz // Mobile: +41774463782
  Miguel Angel Pablos Santos
  Victoria Egli
  Wojciech Gorgol
  Mahsa Aghapour // Mobile: +41774463782
  Andrea Østerhaab // Mobile: +44774463782

What Makes Playball Special

Children thrive in our fun filled, high quality sport lessons. Creating a learning environment, which boosts confidence and self-esteem, is paramount.

The children will be coached to engage confidently in a wide range of sport skills, preparing them for years of positive, competent sports participation.

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Our Classes

Class Venues

Venue Name Address Actions
Four-Forest Bilingual International School LuzernMaihofstrasse 95A, 6006 Show Classes
FOUR-FOREST Bilingual International School ZugChollerstrasse 23, 6312 Show Classes
Freizeitpark ErlenmoosSihleggstrasse 4 , 8832Show Classes
globegarden Alfred-EscherAlfred-Escher-Strasse 34, 8002Show Classes
Globegarden DorfstrasseDorfstrasse 141, 8802Show Classes
Joey KinderkrippeMeisenrain 1 , 8044Show Classes
Kinderkrippe Shining Stars TwoSeestrasse 87, 8810 Show Classes
Kita & Hort pop e poppaChurerstrasse 47, 8808 Show Classes
Kita Lifestyle EducareLanggasse 47c, 6340Show Classes
Lakeside School HorgenLakeside School, Alte Landstrasse 33-35, 8810Show Classes
Montessori Kindergarten of ZugMontessori Kindergarten of Zug, Obermühle 8, 6340Show Classes
Obersee Bilingual SchoolSihleggstrasse 9, 8832Show Classes
Primarschulhaus Dorf RüschlikonPrimarschulhaus Dorf Rüschlikon, Pilgerweg 27, 8803Show Classes
Shooting Stars PreschoolStrandweg 10, 6314 Show Classes
SIS RotkreuzSuurstoffi 41c, 6343Show Classes
Stepping Stones - BaarStepping Stones, Im Jöchler 13, 6340Show Classes
Tandem IMS ErlenbachSeestrasse 57, 8703Show Classes
Tandem IMS ZürichSeefeldstrasse 111 , 8008Show Classes
Tandem IMS ZollikonAlte Landstrasse 88, 8702Show Classes

Our Camps

Playball holiday camps are tailored to meet the needs of younger children and are based on the fundamental sport skills for tennis, hockey, cricket, golf, football, rugby, basketball, football, volleyball - just about any ball sport you can imagine!

The purpose of our Playball holiday camps is to provide high quality, age-appropriate and fun holiday activities for children aged 3-9 years.

Camp Venues

Venue Name Address Actions
FOUR-FOREST Bilingual International School ZugChollerstrasse 23, 6312 Find Camps
Four-Forest Bilingual International School LuzernMaihofstrasse 95A, 6006 Find Camps
Lakeside School HorgenLakeside School, Alte Landstrasse 33-35, 8810Find Camps
Freizeitpark ErlenmoosSihleggstrasse 4 , 8832Find Camps


Each party is designed to suite the age range of the birthday group and will provide a mix of sports and games that will engage both boys and girls alike - and leave all the kids exhausted, but exhilarated!

We come for one and a half hours and bring all our own equipment. All you need to provide are the venue and eats and drinks. We charge CHF 300.00 for the first ten children and if there are more children I would bring additional coaches at the cost of CHF 175.00 per coach per extra 10 children.


Playball is currently taught at Obersee Bilingual School Pfäffikon, Stepping Stones Baar, Montessori Zug, Four-Forest Zug, Swiss International School Rotkreuz, Tandem IMS Seefeld Zürich and Zollikon, Primarschulhaus Dorf Rüschlikon, Lakeside Horgen and Kita Lifestyle Educare, Baar.

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