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Playball is a comprehensive movement and sport skills based programme for 2-8yrs old, which is internationally recognised in 13 countries across the globe.
Playball is a fun, structured and active way of engaging children in physical activity at a young age. Our scientifically researched curriculum, provides a good platform for enhancing life skills and building a strong base for confident sport participation.

The Playball programme caters for boys and girls of every ability and interest as well as providing foundation sport skills for athletes of the future.
The success of the Playball 'sport programme' is that through competent sports participation, your child will secure a solid base from which to develop many other and more important aspects of their lives.

Our 5 Playball programmes progress from simple sport introduction to mini sport classes running parallel with the school academic year. Each programme caters for one age group and covers an extensive range of sport related skills that are pitched at the correct developmental level and is constantly reviewed to ensure your child develops at the right pace, physically, mentally and socially, in a fun, safe and structured environment.

Our 5 Programmes:

I Can Do (2 yrs- 3yrs )

Our toddler classes focus is on laying the basic foundation of movement in order to enable your child to accomplish more challenging sport-related skills as they progress through the Playball programmes.
A two year toddler old is still discovering the wonderful things their bodies can do and need lots of practice in basic building blocks like locomotion, balance, spatial awareness, strength and fine motor skills.

Watch me Play (3yrs - 4yrs)

A healthy balance is maintained between fun and learning as your child is introduced to basic movement and sport development skills which will lay the foundation for future, successful sports participation.

As this is often your child's first encounter within a formal environment, learning will also be directed towards improving concentration and listening skills.
We achieve this by coaching all basic sports skills with the emphasis on a measure of competence involving the grip/foot position, body position, head position and the action/movement to the ball/object. We focus on developing confidence to participate, listening skills and socialising with other children

Dinkies ( 4yrs -5yrs)

A focus on mastering a wide variety of sport and movement skills with the balance between participation and the quality of each skill. Providing fun activities for kids to practice individual skills more rigorously, which subsequently develops competence and starts to develop muscle memory. In addition to practising these skills more thoroughly, we begin to introduce skill sequencing - which is the process of stringing individual skills together to form a sequence of skills - the foundation of all sports. The children will develop their sporting skills through understanding individual participation and experiencing organised sport specific skills and activities.

Preps (5yrs -6yrs)

The children will practice more demanding specialised sports skills and formalised sport drills with an emphasis on refining the quality of the skill and movement.
There are a number of exercises that include partner work to provide the children with an introduction to team work, and they will also begin to develop their own decision-making in a game situation.
Preps learn to work together as a unit to achieve a common goal and begin to take small leadership roles. Playing small-sided sports games is very exciting for Playballers and they learn how to win and lose graciously. More technical development of the skills related to the sports we teach focusing on contact and release points and finish.
This age group is a particularly exciting time in your child's life - the fundamental building blocks are now in place and form the base for progress in all aspects of formal and informal learning, whether in academics, social or cultural. And what's even better, they have now developed a healthy and positive association with sport!

Players (6yrs-8yrs)

This programme teaches the intricate skills needed to play our main ball sports of football, netball, basketball, hockey, rugby, tennis, volleyball, cricket and baseball/softball.
Players will understand the importance of teamwork, enjoy the challenge of leading, and concentrate on more tactical play. The children will have an introduction to match play, basic rules, and the development of more complex concepts such as attacking and defensive play, moving and passing into space.

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Our Coaches

Claire Knowles // Mobile:
Claire has been a keen sports enthusiast and has played a range of sports to a high standard, including rugby hockey, netball, volleyball and swimming. Claire became a great supporter of Playball, watching her daughter progress through the programme and develop a keen interest in a healthy and active lifestyle that sport offers. Claire believes that Playball gives children discipline and focus, as well as instilling a lifelong passion for sport and loves being a part of the journey for all of the children in her care!
Xayla Alberts // Mobile:
Hi everyone My name is Xayla-Rae and I joined the Playball Team in January 2020. I currently also coach an u14’s girls football team and have previously coached in a primary school. I have represented Great Britain in gymnastics and am the captain of a women’s football first team. I love coaching children and encouraging the next generation of sports men and women. I am looking forward to meeting you and your children!
Ben Harding
Hi, I’m Ben and have been working as a sports coach since 2016. I started with Playball in July 2020 and have loved meeting and working with the children especially seeing them have fun as well as developing their sports skills. I am a keen sportsman, with a passion for handball and football, with me achieving my FA Level 1 coaching in 2018. I look forward to working with your children giving them a fun and engaging learning experience.
Charlie Ancell // Mobile:
Hi Everyone My name is Charlie and I joined the playball team in 2020. I previously went to a football collage, where I coached a range of different ages from 2-12 years old. I have played football all my life and I am generally a very sporty person, with a passion for teaching. I am looking forward to meeting you all and can't wait to share my enthusiasm and and love of sport to the next generation!
Gareth Hunter
Guildford@playballoffice.com // Phone: 075 387 00951 // Mobile: 075 38700951
Hi Everyone, my name is Gareth and I am the Franchise owner for Playball Esher, Walton, Weybridge and Guildford. Originally from South Africa, I have always been passionate about sport, earning provincial colours for rugby, cricket, squash and hockey whilst at school. After completing an Honours degree in Marketing at University, I spent a season playing rugby professionally in the United States before signing with a club in Kent. Although my rugby days are over, I still play club cricket and enjoy my golf thoroughly. I started working for Playball in 2006 before starting my first franchise in 2008. I have a passion for educating and watching the children grow in confidence as they progress through our curriculums is a truly rewarding!
  Playball Guildford Team // Mobile: +447538700951
Franckie Austin
Hello everyone, I’m Franckie. I joined the playball team in 2022. I have previously coached younger years at secondary school and a mini kickers football class for 3-6 year olds. My enjoyment comes through all sports and especially football, which I play weekly for a women’s team. I am passionate about developing children’s sport and life skills so they can grow into hardworking, successful people. I can’t wait to meet all of you and to create a happy and exciting environment for your children to be apart of!
Alex ONeil
Hi Everyone, I am Alex. I am a passionate sportsman and teachaer, and have joined the Playball team after completing a sport and exercise science degree at the University of Brighton. I have previous experience working with 2–5-year-old children in various foundation phase settings and I thoroughly enjoy combining my passion for sports with working with children. I am currently a competitive sprinter with Walton AC and enjoy exercising regularly in the gym. I look forward to meeting you all and helping to build your child’s confidence so that they are ready to face life’s challenges!

What Makes Playball Special

Children thrive in our fun filled, high quality sport lessons. Creating a learning environment, which boosts confidence and self-esteem, is paramount.

The children will be coached to engage confidently in a wide range of sport skills, preparing them for years of positive, competent sports participation.

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Our Classes

Class Venues

Venue Name Address Actions
Burpham Primary SchoolBurpham Lane Burpham Guildford GU4 7LZ, GU4 7LZShow Classes
George Abbot SchoolWoodruff Avenue, GU1 1XXShow Classes
Guildford County SchoolFarnham Road, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 4LU, GU2 4LUShow Classes
Guildford SpectrumGuildford Spectrum Parkway GU1 1UP , GU1 1UPShow Classes
Surrey Sports ParkRichard Meyjes Road Guildford Surrey , GU2 7ADShow Classes
Sutherland Memorial ParkSutherland Memorial Park Tennis Courts Clay Lane Burpham , GU4 7JUShow Classes

Our Camps

Playball holiday camps are tailored to meet the needs of younger children and are based on the fundamental sport skills for tennis, hockey, cricket, golf, football, rugby, basketball, football, volleyball - just about any ball sport you can imagine!

The purpose of our Playball holiday camps is to provide high quality, age-appropriate and fun holiday activities for children aged 3-9 years.

Camp Venues

We are not currently running any camps, please check back later or contact us directly.



Playball parties in Guildford or Godalming please contact for details.


Classes running at:

Burpham Primary School

Royal Grammar School

Peter Rabbits Nursery

Please contact the office directly for further information: guildford@playballoffice.com

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