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Our Playball classes are fun and engaging. Our coaches are creative and through our specific coaching techniques, your children don't even realise they're learning!

Prepare your child for life, with our comprehensive movement and sport skills based programme for 2-8yrs old through our weekly lessons sport lessons for all children.

Age Groups
I Can Do (2 to 3)  
Watch Me Play (3 to 4)  
Dinkies (4 to 5)  
Preps (5 to 6)  
Players (6 to 8)  

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Sports for Kids Sports for Kids Programme

Watch me @ 3 Playball programme overview

A healthy balance is maintained between fun and learning as your child is introduced to basic movement and sport development skills which will lay the foundation for future, successful sports participation.

As this is often your child's first encounter within a formal environment, learning will also be directed towards improving concentration and listening skills.

The Watch me @ 3 programme covers the following areas:

  • Coaching all basic sports for kids skills with the emphasis on a measure of competence involving the grip/foot position, body position, head position and the action/movement to the ball/object (this is the first introduction of the Playball Focus Points - PFPs - which are engrained in all subsequent programmes).
  • Continued development of your child's enjoyment of sport.
  • Confidence to participate in sporting activities and games.
  • Social integration with other children
  • Development of concentration and listening skills

Fundamental skill categories:

Balancing Walking Throwing
Rolling Crawling/creeping Rolling a ball
Dodging Running Kicking
Bending Vertical jumping Catching
Stretching Jumping from height Hitting
Rotating Horizontal jumping Trapping/Stopping
Landing Skipping Bouncing
Turning Sliding/Galoping Heading

Life orientation principles encouraged:

Independence Confidence Listening
Co-operation Self-esteem Observation
Communication Courage Self-control
Positive relationships Positive attitude Discipline
Social respect Positive work ethic Decision-making
Respect for property Persistence Concentration

Class sizes and duration:

  • Maximum of 6-8 children per class.
  • 45 min - 60 min (location dependent)

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