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Not only will children thrive in our fun filled, high quality sport lessons, but the Early Years Foundations Stage's (EYFS) philosophy is an integral part of our programme where we use sport as a means we help to develop every aspect of a child's life.

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Why Choose Playball as an external provider at your school?

Children thrive in our fun filled, high quality sport lessons. Creating a learning environment which boosts confidence and self-esteem is paramount. The children will engage confidently in a wide range of skills, preparing them for sport and life.

We recognise that each school/centre has unique needs, Playball offers a range of flexible lesson plans and pricing packages. Playball will work with you to assess the specific requirements of your school/centre and will design a tailored package to meet your needs and budget.

Complimentary Demonstration Class

We look forward to the opportunity of meeting with you to discuss your needs and to arrange a complimentary demonstration class.

Playball at your School, what to do next?

Playball provides professional sports instruction taught by specialist coaches to complement regular curricula. This is why Playball classes are currently being offered in child care centres, nurseries, pre-schools and primary schools throughout England and in many countries around the globe.

To have the Playball Programme offered at your child care centres, nurseries, pre-schools or primary schools, contact the Playball Franchise closest to you. We will be happy to come and provide a Free Demonstration class.

Playball Curriculum

The Playball Curriculum is designed to complement an existing gross motor and sports programme. The Playball programme offers each child an opportunity to develop life skills through sports participation and develop confidence.

Lesson plans have been developed by Playball in consultation with leading child specialists. The programme delivers a fun and challenging learning environment which allows a child to progress at their own rate.

While the programme will nurture the sports starts of the future, more importantly, by encouraging every child to participate, Playball provides all children with a spring board into future sports participation. You can be assured that Playball follows the guidelines of the LONG TERM ATHLETE DEVELOPMENT framework.

Many school directors all over the world have implemented the Playball programme as part of their school curriculum. They have seen for themselves the benefits Playball has given their children and the value Playball has added to their programme.

School Readiness Skills

The Playball programme promotes school readiness skills to ensure that children develop a sound base on which to build in the future.

Children will be working towards:

  • Concentration, Focus and Listening Skills.
  • Cooperation, Inclusion, Goal Setting and Persistence.
  • Confidence and Social Skills.
  • Persistence and courage to keep on trying.
  • A mature attitude to both winning and handling disappointment.
  • Ability to take part in, not just one, but multiple sports.
  • A love for physical activity and sport.

At Playball we work within the community to help prepare children for the future. Sports participation provides opportunities for them to become more active and healthy, while learning life skills that are essential for the challenging school years ahead.

Remember this.

Through our carefully researched programme, Playball will help the children at your school in 4 key areas:

On the playground: Playball will give your child the confidence to stand up for themselves and not cave in to bullying. A little Playballer will know that they can achieve good results if they work at it and practice, so when a child says they can't do something, they will know that they are able because we teach persistence.

Classroom: The little Playballer will develop cognitive, motor and sequencing skills plus many more skills. Just one of many examples to support this. Let's consider children, who have not developed sufficient trunk control (low muscle tone) through lack of movement, they will have difficulty sitting still at their desk as they will constantly need to adjust their postures. Too much time will be spent doing the task (focusing on their writing as an example) and very little time spent learning about the task. Because of this they will inevitably miss a lot of what is being said by the teacher and the gap between their knowledge and that of their peers can widen.

Sports field: At Playball our coaches concerned about the outcome of our coaching resulting in a child knowing 'how to do' a sport skill, whether it is throwing a ball, batting or hitting a tennis ball. As a child grows and starts participating in school sport, the outcome has shifted to the result. Did the child field the ball properly and throw it to the correct wicket end to get the batsmen out. The result is what now matters. The child will be aware of whether his action resulted in success or failure. If the child is still focussing on the 'how to do' the skill the result will not be positive. At Playball we teach the 'how to do' a skill properly so that a child playing school sport can now focus on the result.

Occupational therapy: Although some children are correctly diagnosed and given the opportunity to get occupational help, many other children who show slight symptoms may never be picked up. This is where Playball helps to fill the gap. Any child that goes to occupational therapy lessons knows that to improve reading, they do not sit with a book and read out aloud. They will be playing with balls, focusing on tracking the ball, crossing the midline etc. In order to be successful in most sports these previously mentioned skills need to me mastered in order to succeed. Our Playball curriculum addresses these important skills within the age appropriate programme to ensure that a child does not miss out on important developmental milestones.

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