Fun Playball Classes

Our Playball classes are fun and engaging. Our coaches are creative and through our specific coaching techniques, your children don't even realise they're learning!

Prepare your child for life, with our comprehensive movement and sport skills based programme for 2-8yrs old through our weekly lessons sport lessons for all children. What are you waiting for?

Age Groups
I Can Do (2 to 3)  
Watch Me Play (3 to 4)  
Dinkies (4 to 5)  
Preps (5 to 6)  
Players (6 to 8)  

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Playball Classes

Our 5 Playball programmes progress from simple sport introduction to mini sport classes running parallel with the school academic year. Each programme caters for one age group and covers an extensive range of sport related skills that are pitched at the correct developmental level and is constantly reviewed to ensure your child develops at the right pace, physically, mentally and socially, in a fun, safe and structured environment.

Our action-packed lessons are limited to very small numbers to ensure maximum learning and are delivered by experienced, professional CRB-checked coaches who are well-trained in the programme.

The lessons have an impressive creative component that ensures your child is never bored and will just love every lesson, week after week. This winning formula has benefitted tens of thousands of children who have themselves achieved competency through our specialist coaching, and have gone on to apply the fundamental skills they have learnt in a variety of sports at school.

Outcome-orientated programme with bi-annual evaluations

As well as having access to the coach for regular, informal feedback, a mid-term and an annual evaluation report is compiled, with a certificate is issued to each child who completes a Playball course for the specific age group, for the school year.

Internationally proven

Playball has proven itself in many countries over the last 25 years and is recognised as a unique and invaluable sports coaching programme, with tens of thousands of children in the UK, Holland, Switzerland, America, South Africa, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Mexico, Doha and Israel benefitting from the many rewards of the Playball programme.

Scientifically and educationally sound curriculum

The success Playball programme is the result of many years of research and development. The Playball team created the Playball sports programme by researching the developmental needs of the 2-8year olds through consultation with child development professionals.

The Playball classes curriculum is maintained by a consortium of professionals compromising teachers, physical therapists, sports coaches, occupational therapists and sports scientists to bring you the most current and appropriate sports programme for your child.

The five Playball programmes

Each Playball class or programme is based over three school terms and your child will progress from simple to more complex activities as they move through the beginners onto the intermediate stage and finish with the advanced stage of each programme during Summer term. The sports coached progressfully though out the Playball class are Football, Hockey, Rugby, Tennis, Baseball/Softball, Basketball/ Netball.

Discover more on each of the programmes by clicking on the relevant age-group to get an overview of the programmes:

Age Groups
I Can Do (2 to 3) -  
Watch Me Play (3 to 4) -  
Dinkies (4 to 5) - Reception year children  
Preps (5 to 6) - Grade/Year 1 children  
Players (6 to 8) - Grade/Year 2 and Year 3 children  

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