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Please see below for a list of FAQ's which should help answer any questions you may have. If your question is not answered, feel free to contact us!

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How can I contact Playball?  Please click the 'Find Local Franchise' at the top right of the page.

How long are Classes?

Playball classes run for between 40 minutes and an hour. This is dependent on age and can vary slightly between franchises.

What if the Weather is bad?

As Playball is an outdoor programme, please dress your child appropriately. During March - October we are outside, and November - February we are inside. (Please contact your franchise for exact dates and venues) When we are outside, will never cancel classes as the weather can change in seconds and we do not know that it will or will not be raining at the time of your class. In light rain we will continue, if it's heavy and therefore dangerous we may run under cover until it passes and then continue outside if the rain lightens up. In wet weather, a water resistant hooded coat should be worn. Some venues do have an indoor venue alternative and you will be told if this is the case. Despite weather reports, there may be a gap in the weather so our teachers will be there, rain or shine to fit in as much Playball as possible.

Can I do a make Up Lessons?

No refunds are given for missed lessons. Parents will need to notify their franchise before their children miss a class in order to make-up a lesson. We can only allocate spaces for children who have missed their lessons due to illness or class cancellations, this does not include holidays, birthday parties and the like. Make-up lessons can be made up by attending other classes on an alternate day and time if there is space available. Please contact us to confirm if there is space available in the class you would prefer. You can view the class schedule on our website. Make-ups do not transfer into the next term.

Can I do a Drop-in Lesson?

Please ask your franchise directly about this.

When should I Pay?

Payment should be made before the first day of term. If enrolling for a new term, we ask parents to go through the enrolment process with payment up front to reserve a place in the lesson. Should your child attend a class prior to payment, we accept this as your first lesson and your fees will be calculated accordingly. If you choose not to continue after the first lesson, we expect that you will inform us of this within 24 hours. There will be no charge for this lesson and if you have paid for the term, your fees will be refunded. Payment and enrolment must be made prior to the first lesson should you choose to hold your place in the lesson. NO place is guaranteed without payment and enrolling.

Can I Join part way through the term?

Enrolment is on-going, so you can join anytime! You may still register even if the start date has passed. Tuition will be pro-rated.


In a typical sports environment, we are aware that many things can go wrong, but it is our policy to keep these factors to a minimum to ensure the well being of pupils in our care. We do not take injury lightly, but we do assess the situation and decide on the best course of action. Provided all reasonable care and precautions are taken, I understand that Playball cannot be held responsible for any accident which may occur, and that all persons take part in activities at their own risk. I understand that my child should abide by all rules set out by Playball and the venue, and may be excluded if the rules are not followed.

Change of Teacher and Venue

Although we strive to keep the same teacher for the term, due to unforeseen circumstances, it may be necessary to change or substitute a teacher for a few lessons or for the remainder of the term. At certain venues and at various times of the year, it may be necessary to change the venue. All parents will be notified of the change as soon as it is possible. This change is in the best interest of the majority of the children and may be unavoidable.

Starting a new class

The starting of a new class is subject to numbers. Parents will be informed if a class is cancelled due to insufficient participants. We may also pause the start date until we have sufficient numbers for a class.

Term Dates

This information is available on the Franchise home page. There are no lessons over the school half term or on bank holidays. (We do Holiday camps during this time)


Please check the website for your venue addresses.

Water Breaks

Please bring a water bottle with you for half time.

The Trophy/Medal

From the age of 3 years old we start to introduce a floating trophy/medal, handed to the child who has tried the hardest, listened well, and had lots of fun! This trophy/medal needs to be brought back each week to be handed out again. The trophy does not get handed out at the last class of term. If the trophy is lost and does not come back; we will invoice you for a replacement.

Squash Court Rules

No black soled shoes are allowed on the squash courts. Please ensure that your child has light coloured soles or they are welcome to take part in bare feet (no socks!). No adult/outdoor shoes or boots are to be worn on the courts and buggies are to be left outside in a space that is not invasive.

How can players be re-signed?

All active members will be sent an email with their priority booking dates. After the priority booking date has passed new customers are able to book spaces left. Spaces are not secure until payment has been received.

Parent's Conduct

Do I participate in the lesson?

Along with the obvious physical development benefits, we are setting the scene for developing independence and other life skills. All parents are invited to enjoy watching the class from a distance to keep distractions to a minimum during the sessions. Young children do best in class if they can focus on just their teacher and their classmates. If your child needs to be made secure for the first couple of lessons, please stand behind them, encourage them to get involved, but do step away as soon as possible.

Can I bring younger siblings to the lesson?

Yes, but siblings must be kept clear from the playing area, do not disrupt the session or play with any of the equipment, unless offered by the coach.

I'm not sure how my child will react at the first lesson.

For all ages, it is normal for a child to attend several classes before feeling comfortable in class. Don't be discouraged - your child is adjusting to a new environment and, for some of them, a completely new experience with a new teacher and new friends. Our primary concern is that you allow the teacher to initiate and maintain a Playball relationship with your child. Remember that all children learn at different paces. While it may seem as if your child is not "getting into the class" at first, you'd be surprised at what they are actually learning. Let your child have the time he/she needs to adjust, adapt, and absorb the class environment. Please distance yourself as soon as possible to allow the teacher to take control of the group.

All the classes are full; can I place my child in an older lesson?

Playball believes that children learn best when presented with learning objectives that are designed with the age of the child in mind. This is the best way for a child to gain confidence and self-esteem. Each curriculum level is designed by child development professionals to best suit the physical milestone stages and goals of the age range they address. Please accept our professional judgment when placing a child in a particular class.

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