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Our Players classes and after schools clubs teach the kids intricate multi-sport skills and understand the importance of tactical play.

Watch your kids grow a genuine enthusiasm for sports participation.

Age Groups
I Can Do (2 to 3)  
Watch Me Play (3 to 4)  
Dinkies (4 to 5)  
Preps (5 to 6)  
Players (6 to 8)  

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Players Playball program overview

This program teaches the intricate skills needed to play our main ball sports of football, netball, basketball, hockey, tennis, volleyball and baseball/softball.

Team work and leadership development

Players will understand the importance of working together as a team, enjoy the challenge of leading, and concentrate on more tactical play.

OUr after school clubs and classes will teach them to show respect and sportsmanship at all times and are not allowed to argue with the ref (!) and most importantly, will continue to develop a genuine enthusiasm for sport participation.

The program will provide your child with the necessary skills and knowledge of the basic rules relating to each sport and will cover:

  • Introduction to match play.
  • Introduction to basic rules of the sports Playball teaches.
  • Continued development of sport related skills by applying advanced skills to a match situation.
  • Development of more complex team work concepts for example attacking and defensive play, playing the ball and moving into space and passing into space.

What Players would have achieved by the end of this program

Due to the nature of the multi-sport coaching and drills, they are now able to quickly adapt to new skills and sports as they already now have a strong foundation of sports skills.

Matches are played and drills are exercised to continue to develop and prepare children for a lifetime of confident and competent sports participation.

Class sizes and duration:

  • Maximum of 8 - 10 children per class.
  • 45 min - 60 min (location dependent)

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