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Playball offers children a variety of sports-based activities, whether you would like your child to be involved in a structured sports programme with weekly lessons, have a Playball birthday party your child will never forget, or fill up their school holidays with our renowned fun-filled holiday camps.

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About Us

The Playball Programme

Playball is a fun, structured and active way of engaging children in physical activity at a young age. Our scientifically researched curriculum, provides a good platform for enhancing life skills and building a strong base for confident sport participation.

Our goal is clear, to teach sport properly so that any child who attends one or all of our five programmes will achieve a level of competence providing them with a springboard into future sports participation.

The Playball programme caters for boys and girls of every ability and interest as well as providing foundation sport skills for athletes of the future.

The success of the Playball 'sport programme' is that through competent sports participation, your child will secure a solid base from which to develop many other and more important aspects of their lives.

Let's get your children to develop a positive association with sport! Find out more about the programme or talk to your local Playball franchise and ask for a free taster session.

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Playball school holiday camps

Playball school holiday camps are held at local venues and offer children aged 3-8 years, concentrated periods of sport activity and social interaction, with a high emphasis on having fun!

Each holiday camp is jammed-packed with instructor-led, high quality, age-appropriate fun activities and covers just about any ball sport you can imagine, culminating in a seriously cool treasure hunt where your kids leave with a bag full of goodies!

The camps generally last around 3 hours from 10 until 1pm, so find out if Playball holiday camps are being run in your area and get your kids booked in as they are very popular!

Parents Beware! Children who attend Playball school holiday camps often beg their parents to come back for more!

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Playball birthday parties for children

Give your little star a birthday party he or she will never forget with a Playball birthday party that will leave your kids exhausted, but exhilarated!

Each party is designed to suite the age range of the birthday group and can be tailored with the birthday child's favourite theme or character, where possible.

Find out if Playball parties run in your area and see what packages are available by contacting your local Playball office.

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